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IBC - Innovazione nel retail

IBC is a team of more than 130 specialists in store innovation, which manages services mainly in 3 areas: Assistance, Products and Projects.

IBC also offers a large number of services for its customers, ranging from the metric laboratory, to financial services and a repair laboratory for refurbished hardware.
The direct branches in Alessandria, Verona, Trieste and Rome, allow IBC to ensure coverage throughout the Italian territory, thanks also to the collaborations stipulated with the dealers in the area.

Selex’s national banner for supermarkets, superstores and mini-foripers, Famila continues to grow and record excellent performances. The sales network consists of over 200 points of sale with a staff of about 6,000 employees.
A strong and well-rooted sign on the territory, which offers consumers wide assortments and competitive prices, with a great specialization in the world of fresh products and a particular attention to local products.
Famila, after 36 years of presence on the market, confirms its liveliness and innovative spirit that has always distinguished it: a distinctiveness also strengthened by the launch of the new Famila Market format, based on the easy identification of the departments (from fruit and vegetables to gastronomy, from frozen foods to the cellar up to home and personal care) and on a wide assortment to allow a fast daily shopping, convenient and quality.

OK Famila - Supermercati & Superstore

Our unique and distinctive company culture marries Swiss perfection with Italian style.
We use only the best of materials, technologies and designs to deliver you something unique.
The tailor-made approach and constant research enables us to find innovative solutions to meet the special needs of professional and amateur teams, athletes and global customers.
We work together with you as a team with common goals, driven by passion and motivation, to give you the best equipment to practice the activities you love, or simply enjoy your everyday life, with comfort and style.

The Centro Paghe Company was founded in the early 80s to offer a payroll processing service through mainframes powered by cards. Starting from the 90s, with the evolution of hardware, Centro Paghe takes the opportunity to develop a software product that has as its cornerstone the concept of collective agreement and its typical institutes and around develops functionality and automatisms, it is no coincidence that the structural archetype is defined thanks to the collaboration / inspiration of some professionals in the sector. A software, therefore, made by professionals for professionals, here is the real core business of Centro Paghe. Since the 2000s the Company increasingly assumes the organizational connotations typical of industrial groups, becoming a structured software house, aimed at innovation and always attentive to the needs of the market of Professionals and Companies.

Gruppo Centro Paghe

Official Partner

APole - Pole Dance made in Italy

APole – technical sponsor

Apole products are born from the creativity of the staff led by Andrea Casini, a handyman acrobat who in 2012 opened his circus arts and pole dance gym, now a reference point in Tuscany for acrobatic and air sports.
Not content with the poles and platforms he bought for his gym, after sleepless nights, in 2015 Andrea created his version of pole dance equipment using engineers, interior design and qualified companies. The result? Unique products, artisanal, in the image and likeness of the customer, of very long duration and able to respond to any need.

All the metal parts of our products are built by companies that deal with the production of orbiting satellites and space stations!

Underground Sport is located in Corso Amedeo, 167 in Livorno
It was born in 2014 from Underground Viareggio, a historic shop of a completely different kind in the center of Viareggio.
Our passion for sport in general and specifically for artistic gymnastics, has pushed us to expand towards this sector until the closure, in 2019, of undergroundviareggio
In these years we boast an exponential growth and hundreds of satisfied customers quickly.

Underground Sport - Abbigliamento ed accessori per la ginnastica artistica.
AddHerence - Logo

Addherence is a non-slip gel for hands and body, increases the GRIP for sports activity.
It is fast acting, its gel presentation allows it to dry in a very short time (just a few seconds) giving a fresh, pleasant and moisture-free sensory.

Le Petite Armoire – Discount Code: POLEWORLD21

LE PETITE ARMOIRE is much more than an e-commerce of fashion and accessories!
Behind the colorful sweaters, skirts and scarves very hot, there is Paola, who will accompany you in the choices, advising you and why not, making you imagine with garments that you never thought of buying.
Are you curious to discover the surprise boxes available and ready to be purchased?
Stay tuned…

Le Petite Armoire - logo

Pole School Partner & Dance Company

Colonna Pole & Postural ASD

Founded in Florence by Iliana Ciccarello in 2012, the academy has earned with time and the great commitment of its instructors and athletes, a reference point for Pole sport and acrobatic arts in general at national and international level.

Founded in June 2018 from the passion of Bianca Breschi (world-famous athlete and world champion) and Enrico Traversi (mechanical engineer, former national gymnastics team)

Compagnia Colonna

Compagnia Colonna is a dance company focused on the aerial arts.
In addition to the performances at the theater there have been numerous participations in television shows (Tu Si Que Vales, Italian’s Got Talent)

Pole studio Viareggio was founded in 2018 and is currently one of the largest and best equipped pole dance and aerial dance schools in Italy. 2 rooms of 200sqm with a height of 5 meters, one of which exclusively for race trials.
Ideal for workshops and meetings of international level.

Pole Studio Viareggio